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Dear Prospective Employers,

If you are reading this, you are considering me for your position as a Digital Media Specialist in your school. Thank you for taking the time to view my interactive CV. Please use the buttons below to browse this CV and view the various sections. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email: MrErdoganEDU@gmail.com or phone +(852) 9343-1757.


Mr. Levent Erdoğan


What Can I Do For Your School?

Student Productions In My Classes (dscke productions page)

What Sets Me Apart From Other Educators?

Teaching History


Certifications / Additional Qualifications

References Letter of Recommendation and Recent Teacher Evaluation

Other Documents (downloadable cv, film studies outline)


  • Since starting with DSCKE in September of 2015, I have had the opportunity to teach in a number of capacities. This included:

    • Grades 7-9 Film Studies

    • Grades 1-6 Phys-Ed and Health

    • Grades 1-9 Music & Band,

    • Furthermore, since I was one of the founding faculty members in the school’s inaugural year, I have been able to play a key role in the development of school culture as the school has grown over the years.

  • Over the years I have been leader in the school in various ways. I co-developed the school house program, organized and led international school trips as well as organized and produced a number of school concerts

  • PD and networking

    • embraced all that teaching internationally as afforded me by attending conferences at least once a year and teach-meet sessions to expand my network to help me grow professionally

  • personal youtube channel

  • “As an educator, I am continuously growing, and would like to grow with the school, and like any good educator, professional growth is important, and I plan to enrol in a Masters Program for Digital Media, so that I can further contribute to _____________. and improve my own practice.

  • specialize in digital media design

    • film production

    • music production

  • enrol in a Masters of Digital Media

What Can I Do For Your School?

Develop A Successful Media Arts Program

Utilizing my experience from working professionally in the Los Angeles film industry, and previous experience teaching a film program, I would develop a successful film program for the school and would be able to create a film program for any age group.

Please see select examples of work that my grades 7-9 film students have produced in the past.

For info on my time working professionally in the film industry, please click here to view my IMDb credit list.

Produce Student News Broadcasts

I would be excited to take your school’s online presence to the next level with my ability to produce a high quality student news program, where students and faculty can show off all the fantastic things happening in your school. Please watch a few examples of the program I developed for DSCKE.

Develop A Digital Music Program

Educating students to produce electronic music is a passion, as I spent number of my formative years developing an understanding for this as well as attended a Recording Arts school to learn how to record and produce music professionally. With me, students would learn various pieces of software, ranging from entry level software like GarageBand, to more professional level software like Logic Pro X and how to use this to effectively create digital music.

Please see the examples on the left of digital music production projects completed by my music students.

Integrate Media Throughout The School

<something about going into the homerooms and working with homeroom teachers and students to create movies and

Create Global Connections

A new passion of mine has been to think of ideas to connect students around the world in meaningful and engaging experiences.

My first global education initiative was producing my #StarWarsOnRecorder video, where I challenged elementary music students from all over the world to learn how to play Star Wars on recorder, and record themselves playing it to submit to me via FlipGrid.

Develop A Digital Media & Design Program

As a Digital Media Specialist, I would be able to create a program for your students to suit the needs of your school, at any grade range. This course may include, but may not be limited to:

  • Film Production

  • Digital Music Production

  • Website Building

  • Developing a YouTube Platform

  • Brand Building

  • Etc.

Develop or Manage School Online Platforms

I have had extensive experience promoting my personal brand as an educator, through my personal educational YouTube channel, where I have almost 1000 subscribers, my professional Twitter account where I connect with over 7000 fellow educators, and professional instagram account, where I connect and share content with my local school community, which includes my students and parents of students throughout the school. Additionally, I have used my online platform, MrErdogan.com, to engage students in my classes with online content where students can find resources to be successful in my classes.

Since creating the DSCKE TV YouTube channel, I have had experience developing an online platform to share student and teacher excellence with the parent community, as well as everyone around the world in a meaningful and accessible way to promote my school.

I would be able to work with administrators and lead the development of your school’s online “brand” and help develop or further grow your online presence.

Create Promotional School Content

Over the years I have created content to engage the school community and highlight student and teacher excellence. If I join your school, I would be able to be able to do


Coach Sports

Utilizing my experience as an athlete to coach school sports teams, I would feel confident in my ability to lead or assist in coaching school teams.

As an athlete, the majority of my play time has been in basketball and volleyball as I played extensively in my youth for school teams, as well as clubs.

I would feel confident coaching these sports, and potentially others for your school.

Develop a Fitness/Nutrition Program

Utilizing my honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, my experience as a Personal Trainer, as well as my time training as an athlete, I would be able to develop and lead a program that teaches students proper nutrition and how to exercise safely for a variety fitness goals.

Produce Concerts

With my background in music education and experience producing concerts for DSCKE, I could assist music and drama teachers with producing and organizing school plays or concerts.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Educators?


My passion has always been something that has pushed me towards excellence in education. I have always worked to inspire my students in new and interesting ways. My personal Music Ed. YouTube channel is a perfect example of this. There I have been able to support my students with educational videos that I’ve created, as well as have the opportunity to educate students from around the world.

Checkout my channel here: www.YouTube.com/MrErdoganEDU


With everything I do I try to innovate and find new and engaging ways to inspire learning from both my students and peers. My #StarWarsOnRecorder video project and my YouTube Channel are perfect examples of creating new and innovative learning opportunities for student to learn.

Click image to go to my IMDB profile.

Click image to go to my IMDB profile.

Experience & Expertise

Not only would I be bringing Digital Media teaching experience, I would be bringing expertise from years of working professionally in the industry itself.

Please feel free to view my IMDb profile to see my credit list for 30+ feature length movies that I worked on while working in the film industry in Los Angeles, before becoming a teacher.


I enjoy connecting and collaborating with educators to create amazing educational experiences for my students. Whether it’s through my personal learning network on Twitter, or in person in during 21CL TeachMeets or PubPD events, …………………

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Delia School of Canada - Kowloon East