Here you will find a topic list for the grade 7-9 DSCKE Film Studies class for what will be discussed throughout the year, as well as links to homework assignments.

Throughout the year students in the DSCKE film studies program, will have in-class activities where they will have hands-on time to create projects during their Film Studies class time, personal vlogging homework assignments, as well as EdPuzzle video homework assignments, where students will be required to watch videos describing content that is relevant to topics being learned in class. Keep an eye on the Homework Calendar to keep up to date with assigned homework.

Film Studies Topics


Introduction To Film Making

  • Why Film?

  • 3 Phases of Film Making

    • Pre-Production

    • Production

    • Post-Production

  • Different Jobs in the Film Industry

Weekly Vlogging

  • Why Vlogging?

  • Requirements

Film Types

  • Live Action

  • Stop Motion

    • Claymation

    • LEGO Movies

  • CGI Animation (3D)

  • 2D Animation

Film Genres

  • Documentary

  • Mockumentary

  • Biography

  • Fiction

  • Comedy

  • Action

  • Sci-Fi

  • Etc.


  • HD Camera

  • Camera Lenses

  • Sound Recording

  • Mics

  • Computer Software

  • Does Gear Matter?

Learning How To Edit

  • iMovie / Final Cut Pro

  • ProTools 12

Roles in the Film Industry

  • Being a Director

  • Being a Set Designer

  • Being a Makeup Artist

  • Being a Costume Designer

  • Being a Pryotechnician

  • Being a Producer

  • Being a Film Editor

  • Being a Sound Editor

  • Being a Sound Mixer

  • Etc.

Exhibition - Sharing with the World

  • YouTube

  • Film Festivals

  • Theatrical Release

  • Netflix

  • Vimeo

  • Etc.




Post Production

  • Film Editing

  • Spotting Sessions

  • Sound Effects Editing

  • Sound Design

  • Music Editing

  • Foley Recording/Editing

  • ADR Recording/Editing

  • Mixing

  • M&E for International Markets

  • File Conversions

  • File Formats