2018 / 2019

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LEGO Movie

In this project, students learned how to produce stop motion animation, as well as learned multiple visual effects in Final Cut Pro (such as Keying and Masking). Students wrote, planned, filmed, and edited scenes for this prequel to “The Doll” (which was the 17 minute short film produced by Mr. Erdoğan’s film students during 2017/2018 school year).

Student News Broadcasts

Started in the 2018/2019 school year, the DSCKE student news weekly broadcast was developed by Mr. Erdoğan for students participating in his Film Club.

The Film Club is separate from Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies classes and has been an opportunity for students not in the Film Studies class to participate in activities related to media creation. For the full collection of broadcasts, please visit the DSCKE TV YouTube channel:


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Teacher Resource

Star Wars On Recorder - 2019

In this project, Mr. Erdoğan connected with elementary music teachers from around the globe to have students learn Star Wars on recorder, then record themselves playing the songs and send videos to Mr. Erdoğan. Students used Mr. Erdoğan’s educational YouTube channel to learn the songs and Flipgrid to submit videos. In total, 21 students participated in this inaugural #StarWarsOnRecorder global education initiative.

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Bringing Art To Life

As the media specialist at DSCKE I’ve had the opportunity to work with homeroom teachers and students in various grade levels to .




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Art + Greenscreen + AR = ?

What do you get when you mix art, with recordings of students in front of a green screen, and augmented reality technology?




Music Productions

As part of Mr. Erdoğan’s grades 7-9 music program, students learn how to use professional music production software to produce electronic music from various genres of their choice. Students had the choice to create their own productions, or attempt to reproduce an existing song using the *MIDI software Logic Pro X.

*MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

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Teacher Resource

Animations Using Google Slides

These animations were started in Google Slides, then exported as a “digital flip-book” in the form of a pdf file, then imported into Final Cut Pro so that music and sound effects could be added to export the final product a proper video.

Animations Using Scratch

Similar to the Google Slides animations above, students were challenged to create animations using Scratch, then import the animation into Final Cut Pro to edit a full sound track of music and sound effects.

Along with a heave focus on quality audio production, this project introduces students to coding simultaneously, as the base animations are produced originally through coding all character movements in Scratch.

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Short Film

In this project, students were challenged to produce a short film with no primary dialogue. Students had to convey emotion mainly through the use of music and creative editing. This film was written, storyboarded, filmed and edited by students in Mr. Erdoğan’s grade 7 Film Studies class.

Mock-Infomercial - “LOCKERS”

One of the larger group projects completed by my grade 7 Film Studies students was a “mock infomercial” called LOCKERS. They started by using reference material online of what infomercials are like, and decided on various possible topics of what their infomercial could be about. Eventually they decided to write an infomercial about the importance of using a locker. I hope you enjoy!

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Planning for “LOCKERS” (Behind The Scenes)

Throughout the Filmmaking process, one of the more important parts is the planning is the Storyboarding and Blocking of each scene. Teaching students to plan out scenes as thoroughly as possible is an important step of learning the filmmaking process.

This is a quick “behind-the-scenes” look at the Storyboarding and Blocking that went into one of the scenes of “LOCKERS”. Students were taught how to Storyboard and envision what they wanted their characters to look like, as well as the various camera angles for the scene. They also learned the importance of Blocking the location of the characters on set, as well as the location of the camera, while planning for a scene before filming. This has helped them turn their ideas into the final product. Check it out for yourself!

“Super Boy” - Trailer

For this project, another pair of students decided to use the built-in iMovie trailer templates for their first project, but this time, it was for a fake movie that they called “Super Boy”. In this project, students wrote up a brief idea of what would happen in their movie, then filmed scenes of themselves acting out parts of the movie that they envisioned would actually exist in the movie. They then assembled that in an iMovie trailer template and turned those clips into a proper trailer.

Teacher Resource

Teacher Resource

Digital Cloning Assignment

2 Of my students elected to do a cloning assignment where they had to figure out a way to have a brief conversation with their clone about a topic of their choice.

One student decided to show off his love for basketball, and the other decided to use her project as an opportunity to make a trailer for her own YouTube channel.

To complete this project, students had to learn advanced film editing techniques in Final Cut Pro as well as plan ahead in detail how the conversation with their clone would go.

Student Vlogs

“The Doll” - Trailer

This is one of the smaller projects that students can elect to produce in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies class. Using an iPad and the iMovie built in trailer templates, students can produce professional looking trailers. In this case, students chose to create a trailer for “The Doll” the short film produced by Mr. Erdoğan’s 2017/2018 Film Studies class.

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2017 / 2018

“The Doll” - 17 Minute Short Film

The 2017/2018 school year was the inaugural year for my Film Studies program. This year students decided to work on a full short-film for their project. Students came up with their own ideas for their story, pitched the ideas to the class, then voted for which story would be turned into a movie.

After the idea was selected, they began the pre-production process and started writing the script and screenplay, then taking care of all the remaining planning necessary for the movie. This included storyboarding, selecting actors, finding props, and deciding on filming locations. When all of that was complete, the magic started and it was “quiet on the set” for filming their first movie.

I am proud to present The Doll, which was written, directed, and filmed by the DSCKE Film Studies class of 2017/18. Don’t forget to watch all the way to the end of the credits, as there may be a surprise at the end!