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This page is dedicated to highlighting the amazing work being done by students in my Film Studies program and Film Club here at DSCKE! You will find all of these awesome projects organised by year, with a brief description beside each one. I hope you enjoy the show! ;)

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The Film Studies Club has finished their first production of DSCKE NEWS! Check it out!

Grade 7 Film Studies students made a mock infomercial called “LOCKERS” about the importance of using your locker. We hope you enjoy!

This is a scene from the “LOCKERS” mock-infomercial that the Grade 7 Film Studies students produced. They learned the importance of blocking and storyboarding a scene before filming. This helped them turn their ideas into the final product. Check it out for yourself!

In this project, students used the iMovie trailer templates to create a trailer for a fake movie. Students had to create a fake movie idea, plan shots and film and edit the special effects.

One of the first projects this year was to produce a trailer for last year’s Film Studies production. Using an iPad and the iMovie built in trailer templates, students created an amazing trailer for The Doll.

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The 2017/2018 school year was the inaugural year for my Film Studies program at DSCKE. This year students decided to work on a full short-film for their project. Students came up with their own ideas for their story, pitched the ideas to the class, then voted for which story would be turned into a movie.

After they chose their idea, they began to write the script and screenplay, then take care of all the remaining planning necessary for the movie. This included storyboarding, selecting actors, finding props, and deciding on filming locations. When all of that was complete, the magic started and it was “quiet on the set” for filming their first movie.

I am proud to present The Doll, which was written, directed, filmed and edited by the DSCKE Film Studies class of 2017/18. Don’t forget to watch all the way to the end of the credits, as there may be a surprise at the end!