“Super Powers” Projects

In this project, students learned how to use greenscreen visual effects to their videos using the GreenScreen iOS app by DoInk. Their instructions were to make a mini 30 second movie which somehow incorporates the characters in the movie to use a super power.

“THE DOLL” - 17 Minute Short Film

Produced by grade 7 Film Studies students. While producing this project, students had in-depth experience learning the 3 phases of filmmaking: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Students wrote their story, the screenplay, drafted storyboards and shot lists, then began filming. They worked tirelessly to edit the video and add sound effects and music to complete their first short film, “The Doll”.

“The Doll” - Trailer

As a followup to “The Doll”, students used the iMovie build-in templates to produce a trailer for their film. This is one of the small projects students complete in the Film Studies program.

“THE DOLL: Origins” - LEGO Movie

Grade 8/9 students in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies class have been learning to produce stop-motion animation using LEGO, as well as special effects in Final Cut Pro. Students wrote, planned, filmed, and edited scenes for their LEGO movie. Students wrote a prequel for “The Doll.”

Digital Music Productions

As part of Mr. Erdoğan’s grades 7-9 music program, students learn how to use professional music production software to produce electronic music from various genres of their choice, where students have the choice to create their own productions, or attempt to reproduce an existing song using the *MIDI software Logic Pro X. These productions improve a variety of students’ musical skills, such as pitch recognition, rhythm, timing, instrument knowledge, and others.

*MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

“SHOOTING STARS” - Music Video

For this project, Mr. Erdoğan’s Grade 7 Music students reproduced the popular song “Shooting Stars” in music production software called LogicProX, then wrote and produced a music video! Scenes were animated using GoogleSlides and green screen visual effects in Final Cut Pro X.

Student News Broadcasts

Started in the 2018/2019 school year, the DSCKE student news weekly broadcast was developed by Mr. Erdoğan for students participating in his Film Club.

The Film Club is separate from Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies classes and has been an opportunity for students not taking part in the Film Studies program to participate in activities related to media creation. For the full collection of broadcasts, please visit the DSCKE TV YouTube channel:


“CHOICES” - 7 Minute Short Film

In this project, Grade 7 students in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies program were challenged to make a short film without primary dialogue, focussing on music to help tell the story. The purpose of this challenge was to teach the importance of using music as a tool to elicit emotion during the filmmaking process. Enjoy the show!

“Trailer-Off” For Short Film CHOICES

After completing their movie, students had a friendly competition to see who could produce the best trailer using clips from their completed movie and the built-in iMovie Trailer templates. Which one do you think is the best?

Fictitious Movie Trailer - “Super Boy”

As a small project in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies class, students can come up with an idea of a fictional movie, then create a trailer for that movie using iMovie templates. For this project, students have to write a brief idea of what would happen in their fictional movie, create a “shot-list”, then film the scenes of themselves acting out parts of the movie that they envision would be in the trailer for their movie.

* A shot-list is a document that contains a list of scenes that need to be filmed for a movie.

Animations Using Google Slides

Students in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies class learn to create animations using Google Slides, where they first create a “digital flip-book” which is then imported into Final Cut Pro to add music & sound effects, then later exported as a proper video that can be shared.

Throughout this process, students learn the basics of cell-animation, sound design, audio mixing, and media file management.

“LOCKERS” - Mock-Infomercial

One of the small sized group projects completed by the Grade 7 Film Studies students was a “mock infomercial” called LOCKERS. They started by using reference material online of what infomercials are like, and decided on various possible topics of what their infomercial could be about. Eventually they decided to write an infomercial about the importance of using a locker. Enjoy the show!

Star Wars On Recorder - 2019

In this project, Mr. Erdoğan connected his elementary music students with others from around the globe in a recorder symphony playing Star Wars on Recorder. 21 students utilized Mr. Erdoğan’s educational YouTube channel to learn songs, then submit videos of themselves playing the songs using Flipgrid for Mr. Erdoğan to edit together in a final video. This is the inaugural #StarWarsOnRecorder global education initiative by Mr. Erdoğan.

Behind The Scenes - Storyboarding Scene

Throughout the Filmmaking process, one of the more important parts is the Pre-Production process is Storyboarding and Blocking for each scene. Students in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies class learn to plan out scenes as thoroughly as possible while learning the filmmaking process. This is a “behind-the-scenes” look at how students planned camera angles and character movements in a scene.

Digital Cloning Assignments

Students in Mr. Erdoğan’s Film Studies class can elect to learn how to digitally clone themselves and have a conversation with their clone as one of their medium sized projects. Students decide the topic, plan the conversation, and film themselves talking with their clone.

To complete this project, students have to learn advanced film editing techniques in Final Cut Pro as well create a detailed plan to clone themselves and how they would interact with their clone.

Other Editing Tricks

Along with the cloning editing trick, students learn how to reproduce other editing tricks commonly seen in pop culture, using special visual effects tricks in Final Cut Pro.

Animations Using Scratch

In Mr. Erdogan’s Film Studies classes, students learn to create animations using Scratch as one of the smaller side projects. To be successful in this project, students learn the basics of coding to complete animations in Scratch.